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It has been 1 week since I started optifast and i lost 20 pounds! Yay!
I was the top loser in the class last night.  I haven't really felt much hunger.... just weakness.  I think this week will be better.

Day 5

Today is day 5 on my optifast.  I think today was probably the hardest day so far.  It just seems like I have so much more time on my hands and I get so bored.  I still haven't experienced  the hunger that I had anticipated but I have really wanted to eat today.  Alex made a couple of Nathans hot dogs for him and he got full and couldn't finish the other one.  I sooooo wanted to grab that dog and go to town on it..lol  I haven't broken down and eaten anything.  I know that I have to do this.  I can't wait til the class Tuesday night to see how much I have lost.  I already feel my clothes getting loose.  What a good feeling that is!

I started my fast yesterday.  It went well.  I really didn't feel physical hunger but I had episodes of psychological hunger.  It wasn't as bad as it usually was.  I did wait a little too long between one shake and I could feel it.  I am suppose to have a shake every 3-4 hours.  I do one at 6:30 in the morning while I am combing and drying my hair.  My 2nd shake I try and do at 10.....3rd between 1:00-2:00....4th 5:30 and 5th around 8:30.  Of course I can't be right on the dot every time.  Today I woke up feeling well.  I felt more mentally awake and felt a little bit of energy, which is new to me.  I always felt sluggish.
I have felt a little hungry at times today but nothing major.  I still have 1 more shake left :)  and it will be the vanilla mixed with diet A&W Rootbeer...which is really good.
I can have 2 12oz servings of diet soda...   16 oz of tea... 3-4 pieces of sugarless gum and
3-4 pieces of sugarless breath mints.  I am also suppose to drink 64 oz of water a day.
Next week when I go to class and get my supplies I will ask for bars to replace one of my shakes.  We can eat 2 bars to replace a shake....and they aren't too bad.
Well, Alex is wanting the computer so I must let the KING have his way..haha he wishes

My Big Happy Family

Why did I spend at least 30 minutes  yesterday sobbing over Kitty, my 13 year old cat that I had put to sleep years ago.  I think of her often but never break down and cry.  My hormones must be all messed up.  I had her when I lived in Indiana...I got her at a kitten and it was just she and I.  When I was home alone and felt lonely she was there.  I brought her with me when I moved to California 8 or so years ago.  For a while she was the only cat that I had.  Then I rescued Abigail, who was approx 4-6 months old.  Kitty wasn't happy at all that I was bringing another cat into our home but eventually she warmed up some to Abigail and I would catch them sleeping side by side on the couch or in a chair.  THEN,  I rescued 3 just born kittens and took the place of their mother that had decided not to care for them.  Every 2 hours I would feed them a special milk from a medicine dropper and take a moist cotten ball to their private area to stimulate them to pee and poo.  I had to give a couple of enemas and I had to feed one with a tube down its
throat a time or two.  Kitty and Abigail were NOT happy when the get fresh crew came along.  Kitty would hiss at them every chance she had and Abigail just stayed away.  So, Kitty was put to sleep because she was sick.  A little later I rescued another kitten and named him Ezekiel....Zeke for short.  He had a broken leg and was filthy but was just as friendly as could be.  So, I brought him into our home and the other cats didn't know what to think of him.   He was always wanting to play and chase them.  He ended up fitting in fine with the others.  So, now I have Abigail, Babs, Ranger, Ygnacio and Zeke and we are all a big happy family :)  Oh  yeah, I have my bf Alex here too..:P

Aug. 18th, 2007

What a lazy day.  It is so hot outside so I am in the apartment with the a/c going.  I need to go out at some point today.  I just received a Precor Elliptical trainer today that I bought last weekend.  I have been wanting one for years.  I just got a basic one.  The one that I would like to have bought was the 5.21 but I just settled for the 5.17.  I start  a fast Wednesday.  It is under medical supervision.  I decided I would rather try this than have weight loss surgery.  I am ready!  I cant wait to feel better and have less pain.  I just had some labs done and it looks like I am heading right toward diabetes.  My fasting blood sugar was 147 and my hgA1c was 6.6.  Hopefully I can nip it in the bud.  Not much going on here.  Still working.  My dad and sister came out in May for a few days.  I really enjoyed having them out here.  It was sad to se them go.  Hopefully I will make it back to Indiana for Thanksgiving....even tho I wont be able to eat anything....but the important thing is spending time with my family.
I hope everyone is doing well.  I still read my friends list...I just don't post much.
God Bless

Tuesday, June 5

Breakfast-3/4 C. Cottage Cheese
1 South Beach Diet snack bar

Snack- Watermelon

Lunch- Salad with tomatoes, onion, cucumbers,
Green peppers, bacon bits, cheese, and
Poppy seed dressing .
2 small low carb tortillas

Supper- Trader Joe’s frozen Shepards pie
Cucumbers, tomatoes and onion
With Italian dressing

Snack- Banana
1 Cup Skim Milk
1 Cinnamon gummy type bear

Monday, June 4

Breakfast- 3/4 C Cottage Cheese
1 South Beach Diet snack bar
diet pop

Snack- Watermelon
Non salted cashews (more than I needed)

Lunch -Parmesan baked fish
Orzo with spinach
small side salad with italian dressing

Supper- Lechon asado
3/4 cup steamed rice
1/4 cup black beans
1/4 avocado

Snack- 1 Pkt optifast shake

Then I made a salad to take to work
Day and it looked so good I ate it right then :O
My dad and sister are coming out to visit me next week. My sister has been here once before..but my dad hasn't visited me since I moved out here. He always paid my way to come home and visit. I am excited! I am not sure how to entertain them or where I should take them to eat. My sister wants to go to Santee Alley and Venice Beach. My dad doesn't care what we do ...he just wants to see me. I am open for suggestions. He is a simple man. Nice expensive restaurants doesn't do a thing for him. I think we will take a ride up the coast and eat at Neptunes Net. I gotta get to figuring out what to do. They come out next Thursday. Whee!

Apr. 17th, 2007

So, the owner of the convalescent hospital where I work built a huge place next door to it that is assisted living and they have a locked unit for alzheimers patients. There was some filming going on there today. The Closer, a series that is on TNT, was taping there today and I think they are taping tomorrow. I wish I had taken my digital camera. I tried to get some pix with my cell phone but it wouldn't zoom in enough. If I were going to work tomorrow I would take my digital camera, but I am staying home from work and going to go get some antibiotics for my leg...cellulitis is back.

Apr. 8th, 2007

I am alive! Alex and I moved over the past couple of weeks and now we are pretty much settled. We just need to put up some more stuff. I think the cats like the carpet because they all sprawl out on the living room floor instead of staying in the bed most of the time. I am even closer to work.
Before I was about 6 miles from work...now I am around 3...maybe 4.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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